Lucy and the great Grand Canyon

Lucy Delaney

Graduate Student and Instructor
University of Illinois at Chicago

about me

Conceptual understanding of evolution is essential for future biologists but notoriously tricky to achieve. A major goal of my research is determining methods that may improve the teaching and learning of fundamental evolutionary priniciples. In practice, my work examines the historical processes of natural selection and the nature of adaptive traits, centered around two themes:

  1. how we as scientists discover & create explanations that allow us to understand observed patterns of species & trait diversity, and
  2. how this understanding is translated into explanations for our students.

My other activities include helping Chicagoland high school students with their math homework, discussing the moral complexities of Deep Space Nine, and transmitting from KD9LSF.


  • better biology education
  •   abolitionist teaching
  •   for undergraduate education
  •   plant breeding systems
  •   macroevolution