A collection of recent & upcoming talks.

Evolution • Online
June 2021, upcoming

Natural Selection Does Not Come Naturally

Ten minute talk on the challenges associated with teaching and learning levels of causality in biological sciences, and some modest suggestions for instruction.

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MEEC • Online
Awarded Best Graduate Talk
March 2021

The Four Causes of Adaptation

Twelve minute talk on the challenges of building a robust conceptual framework in biology and suggestions for better biology education.

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SABER West • Online
January 2021

The Four Causes of Adaptation

Five-minute roundtable talk on conceptual understanding of natural selection and evolution-centered teaching.

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microMOPRH • Arnold Arboretum
August 2017

Evolutionary Consequences
of Plant Mating Systems

An overview of the theoretical underpinnings of my work in plant sex macroevolution.

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