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3.1  Discussion Materials & Extras

3 🌔 July 2, 2020

Chapter 5: The genetics of bacteria and their viruses

In this chapter, you will learn how to:

  1. distinguish between the experimental procedures and analyses in the three main ways by which bacteria exchange genes.
  2. map bacterial genomes using interrupted conjugation and recombinant frequency.
  3. assess the outcome of double transformation experiments in terms of linkage.
  4. predict the outcomes of transduction experiments using phages capable of generalized or restricted transduction.
  5. map phage genomes by recombination in double infections of bacteria.
  6. design experiments to map a mutation caused by transposon mutagenesis.
  7. predict the inheritance of genes and functions borne on plasmids in bacterial crosses.

3.1  Discussion Materials & Extras

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YouTube video on gene mapping using interrupted conjugation in bacteria.
YouTube video on bacterial conjugation & F+, F-, Hfr, and F'.