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1.1  Discussion Materials & Keys

1 🌘 June 18, 2020

Chapter 1: The genetics revolution

In this chapter, you will learn how modern genetics developed, the main cellular constituents involved in gene expression & action, and examples of how genetics has influenced modern medicine, agriculture, & evolution.

Chapter 2: Single-gene inheritance

In this chapter, you will learn how to:

  1. discover a set of genes affecting a specific biological property of interest
  2. recognize phenotypic ratios diagnostic of single-gene inheritance
  3. explain inheritance ratios in terms of chromosome behavior at meiosis
  4. predict phenotypic ratios among descendants
  5. propose reasonable hypotheses to explain dominance & recessiveness of specific alleles at the molecular level
  6. apply single-gene inheritance rules to pedigree analysis
  7. calculate risk of descendants inheriting a condition caused by a mutant allele in one or more ancestors

1.1 Discussion Materials & Keys

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YouTube video with an overview of mitosis.
YouTube video with an overview of meiosis.
YouTube video with an overview of the key differences between meiosis and mitosis.
YouTube video rap battle between meiosis and mitosis.